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  Spice factory - Spice importers
Duisburger Straße 68
D-90451 Nuremberg
Telephone : +49 / 911 / 64 60 55 - 56
Telefax : +49 / 911 / 64 60 51

Bio-Kontroll-Nr.: D-BY-1-6497-BCD
In those days

The Nuremberg-based company Schulze & Co.KG, "Schuco-Spices", has been one of the best-known manufacturer of spices in Germany since 1929. Our company looks back on a long tradition and it has always been our first and foremost goal to win the confidence of our customers through the quality of our products.

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and today

It goes without saying that we guarantee the quality and safety of our products by complying with the instructions of the quality assurance system DIN EN ISO 9001 and since 2005 also of the IFS (International Food Standard) on a higher level.

Front Neubau
Company headquarters in Duisburger Strasse.


Bio-controll-number: D-BY-1-6497-BCD
EU-Code-Number: DE-ÖKO-001

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Quality assurance and environment.
Our customers come from many different industries

  • Baking industry
  • Specialised bakers and butchers trade
  • Bakers' and butchers' cooperatives
  • Delicatessen industry
  • Meat industry
  • Meat products industry
  • Specialised spice trade
  • Spice industry
  • Bulk customer trade
  • Hotel and restaurant supplies
  • Children's food manufacturers
  • Tinned food industry
  • Gingerbread industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Natural foods trade
  • Natural foods industry
  • Spirits producers
  • Sweets and confectionery industry
  • Soup industry
Our full commitment   is dedicated to the interests of our customers

To us our customer´s needs and requirements constitute the foremost guidelines on which our company focusses all of its work and efforts. It is our highest priority and goal to at all times satisfy our customers by a first-class performance and outstanding friendly service. This includes, amongst other things, our offer of highly qualified professional advisory support services which are to help you ensure that you will always hit on the specific tastes of your customers.

Great care  is taken in selecting our raw materials

Directly upon their arrival the exquisite spices and herbs which we import from all over the world for our raw materials have to undergo stringent standardized checks. It is only after they will have been approved by accredited laboratories and our in-house quality control department that we will allow them to go into the production process.

Scrutiny procedures  ensure maximum product safety

Meticulous checking and monitoring routines throughout the entire production processes and of our outgoing products guarantee a maximum of product safety. We do this work in strict compliance with our comprehensive HACCP concept which we are permanently improving, also in cooperation with universities and academic colleges. This is an essential part of our quality management which works according to the provisions of the International Food Standard (IFS) higher level and the DIN EN ISO 9001- 2008 standard, which we respectively implemented already as early as in July of 2005 and February of 1996. In addition all transports of our products are done by certified carriers only.

Long-term experience  enables us to use aroma-preserving grinding methods

Gentle grinding of the spices is of prime importance to ensure that their aromas and flavours will be fully preserved. The high technical standard of our spice mills and modern grinding processes will guarantee that all aromas will fully unfold.

Confidentiality  is the principle in line with which we handle your own spice recipes

If you have your own spice recipes we will be happy to produce and mix the same for you. Of course we will also help you with the development of special recipes for your own products. You will receive the ready-to-use mixtures at the requested date, also packed in batches, if you want us to do this for you as well. It goes without saying that we will treat your recipes in strictest confidence.

Environmental concern  is what we are devoted to in working for a future which is worth living

It has been and is our company's endeavour and goal to operate in an environmentally friendly way and in harmony with our natural environment. This is why we were the first German spice factory which was entered in the European-wide EC Eco-Audit Register in 1988. As we have since been able to successfully implement most of our then environmental goals we eventually decided to work in line with the internationally better known environmental management standard DIN EN ISO 14001, for which we have been certified ever since January of 2004.

Organic spices  are the products which we provide for the production of environmentally friendly wholesome foodstuffs

We can also supply you with exquisite spices, herbs and spice blends which come from organically controlled farms. By using Schuco's organic spices you will also contribute to the production and use of environmentally friendly and wholesome all natural foodstuffs. Harmonization of all of our products with nature is and will forever be in the very focus of our work. Our organic spices are certainly good evidence for these endeavours.

Sustainability  is the principle which marks and governs our company's relationship with our environment

Our company's 85 years of history are impressive evidence to show that the basic principles governing our work are honesty, fairness, sincerity, mutual respect and trust. These permanent endeavours are also distinctive for the status and positions which we take in economic, social and natural contexts and environments. For us the concept of &quit;honest respectable merchant&quit; is not just an empty term, but its ideals are being put in practise by us on an everyday basis. We invite you to see this for your own selves in cooperating with us.


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